I got that dreaded email from the school this week…lice.   I guess I should consider myself lucky, my kids have been in school and preschool for over 13 years and I think this is the first one. But instead, my skin is crawling, my head is itching and I’m pretty sure I can see them on my dogs back all the way from across the room. Okay, probably not, but still…eeewww!!

Applying Purification Essential Oil to the bottoms of feet daily is an excellent preventative measure but since I’m paranoid and the thought of these little critters packing their suitcases and moving into my home makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit. So, to ease my insane imagination, I made up an additional preventative “Cootie Spray” to spray on on my daughter and her backpack. And since I would hate for you to suffer with similar thoughts, I thought I’d share the recipe with you.

Best part? It’s free of toxic chemicals, it smells SO good and it’s safe for kids, pets, carpet and household furniture!


Spray Bottle (mine is 4oz, purchased in a 3 pack at Target for $3. I got the chalk label at Hobby Lobby)

10 drops Rosemary Young Living Essential Oil

10 drops Purification Young Living Essential Oil

10 drops Tea Tree Young Living Essential Oil

10 drops Lavender Young Living Essential Oil

1 Tbs Witch Hazel (vodka also works but I can’t get past the thought of spraying my kiddo down with vodka before school each morning)

Top with distilled water

My youngest kiddo doesn’t get tangles like her big sister used too. If I had made this for my older daughter I would have also added a squirt of Lavender Mint Conditioner to make it a detangler.

Place the  witch hazel (or vodka if you’re a rebel) in the empty spray bottle.  Add the essential oils; shake.  Fill with water and shake again.  Spray down heads and backpacks daily to keep those creepy jumping critters away!







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